Puerperal Psychosis & related illnesses

Feeling down?

Having a baby is supposedly a joyful time, full of happiness. Being a new mother is supposedly the best feeling there is. But it's not the case for everyone. It can be lonely, upsetting, terrifying. The sleepness nights never seem to end, the screaming can go straight through and often the only feeling left is one of numbness.

This site is here to support new mothers who are having trouble being mothers, and their partners. Its main focus is a condition called puerperal psychosis (for personal reasons), but we also cover post natal depression and the baby blues, treatments, help and a forum if you want to talk to like-minded people.

What you'll find here

You should find facts, but this site is not written by a doctor, so if I've made any mistakes please enlighten me by visiting the forum and emailing Admin.


This site covers the conditions and treatments for post natal depression and, particularly, puerperal psychosis. Pay attention to the "Getting Help" section, which I've noticed absent from other sites dealing with this subject matter. Hopefully that might point you in the right direction.


You can talk about your experiences if you are or have been a sufferer, or if you've known someone who has been in the forum. Use your experiences to help others - it can be done completely anonymously in our forum. It's there, it's free.